... hilarity ensues

The latest television advertisement for Jack in the Box fills me with unvarnished glee. The ad is a hilarious send-up of Hardworking American Truck ads everywhere, featuring a hideously gilded pickup truck and dramatic men-at-work-with-hamburgers footage (that is, loading the burger in the back of the truck; cinching it down with burly straps, sparks flying from unknown metal-on-metal machinery in the background). But the capper, the scene that sends leaves me giggling without shame on the sofa, is the closer: Jack, gigantic round head covered with a hard-hat, running through a downpour in a muddy workyard toward a woe-is-me real-life Little Bo Peep, cradling a white lamb in his arms, in slow-motion, as Joe-Cocker-style guitars blaze away in the background.

Heather doesn't understand why it's so funny. I have to explain it in short, breathless sentences: Hardhat! Fluffy lamb! Mud! Little Bo Peep! Slow-mo! RAIN!

In short, the ad revels in everything preposterous about truck commercials, and it does it with so much joy that I want to buy stock in the company solely because the ad makes me laugh every time I see it. Heather likens this to her propensity to buy wine for no reason other than attractive labels, and I remind her that we've stumbled upon some very fine bottles that way.

Slow-mo in the rain, for pete's sake! With a lamb!