a tax on poor planning

Tucson residents will soon be voting on the future of transportation in the city. Proposition 100 and Proposition 400 would raise Tucson sales tax by 1/2 cent, and approve the city's 10-year transportation plan, respectively. That is, the next ten years of transportation program would be funded by the tax increase. The propositions, heavily boostered by Tucson's largest car dealership (is the irony lost here? road-widening plans advocated by people who became unfathomably wealthy by selling cars?), strike me as simply ridiculous. I have no desire or intent to support a transportation plan that: 1) is based on the flawed logic that miles of road must increase proportionately with population; 2) neglects mass transit for the most part; 3) focuses on wealthy areas of the city; and 4) is advocated for illegally by the city and misleadingly and patronizingly by its private business proponents.

No on Prop 100, no on Prop 400.