Abandoned in Place

Roland Miller, a good friend of my family's and a skilled photographer, now has his very own web site, which features selections from his stunning Abandoned in Place project, a series of photographs of deactivated rocket launch and test facilities. The project is a sort of photographic "industrial archeology," revealing a rarely-seen side of one of the twentieth century's most ambitious scientific and technological projects. It's fascinating, and sometimes a little eerie, to see vines growing over the walls that once housed America's (the world's?) most advanced technological creations, flooded rooms beneath launch pads, and a reflection of the sky in a puddle between tracks that once rolled gantries to the pad. Augmenting these photos are a beautiful set of photos of shuttle and other launches, plus components of the international space station.

Roland has also produced excellent photos of antarctica (aboard a gigantic icebreaker) and the landscapes of Utah, among multiple other neat projects. In addition to all this photography Roland spends his summers working in and around Idaho's Sawtooth National Recreation Area. Not a bad gig.

As if that wasn't enough for any one man to do, Roland was generous and gracious enough to shoot more than twenty rolls of film at my wedding last summer.