All the Hoo Hash

Morning Edition this morning featured a story on the creation of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It’s fun to hear snips of songs and dialogue from the animated adaptation of the story. Also described is Dr. Suess’s (Theodore Geisel) response to brothers David and bob Grinch—who were teased because of their last name. His response:

I disagree with your friends who ‘harass’ you. Can’t they understand that the Grinch in my story is the Hero of Christmas? Sure… he starts out as a villain, but it’s not how you start out that counts. It’s what you are at the finish.

Now that’s a nice sentiment.

NPR has also recently featured stories on the (gasp) mature themes in The Cat in the Hat [realaudio] and Dr. Suess’s political cartoons [realaudio].

Also in my morning news reading today is an editorial by Dan Gillmor on mod chips and licensing. It’s sometimes easy to think about these kinds of licensing battles having limited repercussions on the worlds of most consumers, but Gillmor tries to emphasize that these issues are increasingly important for a gamut of consumer concerns.

In other news, panchesco notes that:

leaving the theater and seeing the long line of people waiting to see the new Lord of the Rings movie, I had an overwhelming urge to ask a tech support question. Go figure.

For some reason, there were about as many little children as bearded nerd tech types in the theater (nacho cheese always gets glued to my chin) when we saw The Two Towers. Poor kids are probably haunted by wargs in their sleep now, if the four-year old who ran past our row with his hands clamped over his ears is any indication.

Meanwhile, back here at home, is it really possible to have a white Christmas in Tucson? If you live above 3000 feet, it looks quite likely.