And another thing...

...that pisses me off: Insurance.

I promise that the whole “pisses me off thing” won’t become some sort of tagline; insurance is just on my mind tonight, after my wife’s plan increased premiums by $600 per year. That insurers can make sudden and significant changes like this would seem to be a good argument against increasing the prominence of private health care plans under Medicare, where beneficiaries are under even stronger financial constraints than are we, a relatively young and healthy couple (albeit one not exactly flush with cash).

In lieu of excessive swearing on my part, I’ll just point to some very good recent commentary on the Medicare plan:

The Bloviator has been very good lately, commenting that :

This ensures that American patients will continue to pay the highest drug prices in the world, subsiziding every other country’s cheaper drug costs. It also pretty much guarantees the long-term failure of the Medicare prescription drug and “privatization” experiment. That’s because no private health insurer has yet discovered a magic formula to contain rising drug costs, and with every senior using the drug benefit, the rising cost pressures will be even higher on the private insurers who enter the senior market. Furthermore, because of the way the Republicans have structured the financing of the privatization and drug benefits, they will easily be able to choke off proposals to devote more money to the drug benefit.