complete! ... and spider-man

The paper is done, meaning I just might be finished with the last formal class I have to take. Ordinarily this would call for celebration, but I think I'll take a nap instead. I'm beat.

In other news, I keep reading negative reviews of Spider-Man, and that just brings me down, man. [ Full disclosure: I'm an old-school comic book reader, and I used to collect spidey books. ] I have to agree with Wil Wheaton* who exhorts the viewing public not to "go Comic Book Guy" on the movie. Critics are all "organic web shooters" this, and "fake action" that. Let me get this straight: They're upset about the adaptation of a comic book not being true to life?

What the movie does have is the following: 1) Dead-on casting. Tobey McGuire owns Peter Parker, and Kirsten Dunst makes a great Mary Jane, right down the perfect costumes that evoke images of the comic without straightforward mimicry. 2) Action, sweet spider action. 3) Lots of heart. Come on, it's about a working-class superhero who's in love with the girl next door. That's the enduring theme of the comic's roots, and that's what Sam Raimi put together awfully well.

Did I mention the action, action, action? Okay, admittedly some of the scenes have animation that looks a little too super-duper (i.e., fake), but for the most part the action is pretty exhilirating. It's a fun Saturday noon-time movie to get out of the heat. Enjoy.

* This is the first time I have invoked wilwheatondotnet, ever. I'm not sure how to feel about that, but I do enjoy reading his site.