Cool and rainy

Fifty degrees and drizzly this morning here in Tucson. It's a perfect morning to sit on the porch with a good cup of coffee, to catch up on some reading and pull a sweater from the drawer. Cool, rainy mornings always remind me of the Pacific Northwest -- even though this season in Tucson is wonderful, it still makes me miss the northwest.

Heather is out of town most of this weekend, off to El Paso to visit a research site, so I have to be content to share this morning with the dogs. They have curled up in warm spots and tucked their noses into their fur, which must be the canine equivalent of my coffee and fleece.

We have, as always, a busy few weeks coming up: My oral exam is in not-quite two weeks, so I'm working on preparing for that (re-reading written exam feedback, brushing up on my organizational ecology), and I've finally re-started work on a revise-resubmit on a paper that I and a colleague wrote together. Add to that three sets of out-of-town visitors (fall is visiting season here, after all), and our little house will be a very busy place.

Why didn't anyone tell me that my right-side "recent entries" list didn't line up properly? It worked fine in Opera for months, but I've been using Phoenix lately -- it's quite snappy and nice. And, after an hour or so of fiddling with CSS yesterday, the entries list now seems to look right. Of course, I probably broke it for Opera.