download movies!

I read this morning about Ranger, a web spider commissioned by the MPAA to hunt for pirated movies being distributed online. How cautious are the people behind Ranger? Just like the horny grad student who types wild wet beaver into google expecting to get lucky will find himself disappointed by the result, will the keywords for which Ranger scours the Internet lead it down the wrong road?

I saw Steven Spielberg's Minority Report this weekend. It is possible, though not the case, that I brought a small digital video camera to the theater and recorded the whole show, so as to chop the film into several MPEG files which could be distributed via the P2P network of one's choice: gnutella perhaps, or morpheus, or kazaa, or even via a web site with a great deal of storage and bandwidth. Would anyone notice?

Does this entail a social solution to a technical problem? Should I point out the irony of attempting to perpetrate a hoax involving a movie about catching criminals before they commit a crime?