Elf girls like to rock and roll!

In the grand tradition of Summoner Geeks (a spot-on parody of all too many Dungeons and Dragons sessions) comes Lords of the Rhymes. Who would have thought you could have street cred and Middle Earth cred at the same time?

I’m Quickbeam with the masterplan
I’m Bombadil with the mic in my hand
We’re Lords of the Rhymes from a far off land
And We’ll Rock this joint with our hobbit band!

Well, okay, at least they’ve got Middle Earth cred, displayed with verses like:

I named the nameless hills and dells
I drank from yet untasted wells
Goin’ mad off the hook just like a Numenorean
I got more rhymes than there’s leaves in Lothlorien.

As in Summoner Geeks, the creators of Lords seem to get it—there’s something funny about the kind of obsessiveness and enthusiasm it takes to make rap rhymes about Bombadil or roll 4d10 to charge a wand of never-going-on-a-date-in-high-school. But at the same time, it’s an affectionate sort of parody.

Meanwhile, I’m hard at work on an R&R for a paper. ... must finish rewriting data section…