Falsify THIS

Man, go out of town for a wedding, have a pleasant weekend, and come home to see the science wars being fought again.

Kieran throws down, calling the “social science is for wimps” crowd out into the dirty back alley of their overcompensatory (if you know what I mean) Tower of Science, and gives them all a thump with the ignorant stick.

The thread quickly degenerates into the standard “that’s why Democrats are dumb” line (being able to make sense of the bizarro-world logic that argument comes from only helps to, uh, demonstrate its falsifiability), but Amitava Mazumdar saves the day for me, by making the refreshing observation that “You know, the constant juvenile sense of superiority on these threads never ceases to amaze me.”

Surely, this is the Promise of the Internet.

I, for one, never tire of the “liberal arts graduates aren’t critical thinkers” trope. It’s always funny how quick people with an N of one are to conclude that their favorite whipping-boy of educational systems isn’t scientific.

On the subject of sociology, here is a brief excerpt from conversation in which I was involved:

Sister-in-law: So, what’s Alan doing these days?

Brother-in-law [hollering from other room]: He’s doing counseling. You know, social work.