Fancy and Modern

From the Graphics and colour with LaTeX manual, as one solution for including problematic figures in LaTeX documents:

Find the true bounding box by one of the following methods:

1. Print the figure, mark the lower left and upper right corners of the box containing the figure, and measure their distances from the left and bottom edges. Enter these distances in the includegraphics command, or edit the PostScript file. In the latter case, convert to big points.

Difficulties with this are that some encapsulated PostScript files cannot be printed on their own, and that the left and bottom edges of the paper need not be the exact lines from which the printer really measures.

Am I living in the stone age? I mean, I’ve heard tell of rolling your own printer cables, and I’m reasonably proficient with jumper switches, but now I’m supposed to print my graphic and draw a box around it, then measure the box, and, if I’m really lucky, not only will my measurements be accurate, but I’ll be able to compensate for the printer’s offset? Criminy.

Where’s my damn ruler?