For the love of...

Our property value assessment increased quite a bit this year, resulting in a pretty significant boost in our property taxes. Surprised by this rise seen in our escrow calculations for the upcoming year, I set about exploring the Pima County Assessor web site for assessment information. I’ll save the discussion of Pima County’s property tax system for later (The Weekly frequently notes the success of various board members’ efforts to lower their own taxes while raising those of others). For now I’ll simply concentrate on ease of use. The first page of the County Assessor site has a prominent link to what one assumes will be a discussion of tax appeals process.

And it’s in Powerpoint! For the love of all things holy, I’m supposed to download and install the goddamn Microsoft PowerPoint Animation Player in order to read about my property tax?!

I’m not one to overuse punctuation, but note the gratuitious ”?!” above. It’s shorthand for “WTF.”

Online Powerpoint presentation of important public information is not “open goverment.” It is not “public service.” It’s like watching my municipal services drown in feature creep.