Funny-sad Slashdot

Sometimes Slashdot can be funny, and sometimes funny-sad, as in today’s article about women in information technology. It’s bad enough when a roomful of slashdotters talk about the evils of technology unions, but the arrogance (er, ignorance) really shows through when they talk about gender. I tell you, if you want to confirm every awful and trite stereotype about gender relations, just troll through slashdot for a little while. I don’t mean stereotypes about women; those are easy enough to refute by simply, oh, going to college, or maybe dating a woman or two. The ugly stereotypes made real in these enlightening slashdot conversations are about men. Think man-geeks are antisocial and clueless when it comes to anything but the tiny domain of their technical speciality? Read no further than slashdot, where you’ll find someone explain the dearth of women in high tech by saying:

Girls do not like doing anything that involves concentrating on one single thing for long periods. They like to switch from one thought to another, and keep many balls up in the air at one time.

The fact is, the nature of the subject, and anything else requiring in-depth knowledge, will not appeal to most girls, just like armed robbery doesn’t appeal to most girls.


... most women simply aren’t intersted in IT. It’s pretty obvious to me. How many of you found it beneficial to expound on the virtues of open source software or the beauty of TCP/IP structure during a date? Probably not any.

My guess is that the second guy has no idea why all of his dates go home early.