Link for today: A whole slew of nice Ximian/Gnome wallpaper. Enjoy.

Changing my screen background is part of the cleansing process that's taking place since I upgraded Evolution to 1.2.1 and promptly broke my long-sought perfect syncing with my Palm Pilot. Aargh. It works again, mind you, but only after extensive head-scratching and fidgeting with various scripts and configurations. (Ximian's support solution, to use red-carpet to install various gnome-pilot and evolution-pilot packages, did not work; I had, in fact, already used red-carpet to install all such packages.) The final, aggravating solution is this: I must manually kill and then run gpilotd (the daemon that watches the Pilot) after pressing sync on the cradle. Otherwise, gpilotd sees the Pilot connect, but is apparently unable to actually do anything about it. So, one quick bash script later, and I can sync again, but it takes an extra mouse click. Oh, the time wasted with time-saving technologies.

This did it for me. If you're one of the unfortunate sync-less upgraders, I hope this solution helps you, too.