Healthy lifestyles

Microsoft's MSN careers site has a list of the top ten "healthy careers".

My colleagues will be happy and relieved to know that "Professor" is number eight on the list, right between "Personal Trainer" and "Running Coach." (and ranking even higher than "Yoga Instructor!") According to MSN:

The job: Tenured professors teach two or three classes each semester and work on scholarly articles and books.

Why it's healthy: With flexible schedules and opportunities for time off, including sabbaticals, professors have ample opportunity to craft a healthy lifestyle while pursuing intellectual stimulation.

My mind is filled with pastoral images of sitting, Newton-like, in groves of fruit trees, effortlessly producing insightful scholarship. Afterward, I play tennis (or some other sport that involves v-necked sweaters) with my colleagues and remark, "this is invigorating!" In the afternoon, I ride a shiny mountain bike to my two or three classes, where my students comment on my robustness.

As a graduate student, however, I'll just have to continue drinking too much coffee and eating lunch at my desk. I have so much to look forward to!