High-tech time-wasting

With my orgs class complete (and the new semester beginning today), it's the perfect time to waste a couple of hours tinkering with high-tech web tools like PHP and RSS. After a little searching, I found Magpie RSS, an almost drop-in solution to finding and parsing RSS feeds anywhere on the web. I'm using it now to retrieve my blogroll (found in the right-hand column, and currently rather thin; hey, I'm new at this link thing). It caches feeds to reduce traffic and load, which is nice -- and it even works! Its caching ability makes it a nice improvement over the RSS fetcher I installed a handful of weeks ago on my Arizona site. That one is used to grab recent "sociology" headlines from this site and display them there. Hey, I might as well get credit twice for the writing I do around here, right?

FYI, Scott has some fancier-than-mine PHP code to produce a nice list using Magpie.