Holy crap, John Ashcroft's insane

I mean, it’s no surprise, but leave it to a U.K. source to illustrate just how completely, friggin insane John Ashcroft is. According to the Guardian story, Ashcroft not only writis patriotic songs that, according to DOJ lawyers, “suck,” but he calls in Hispanic lawyers, not for their multicultural perspective but to translate his crappy songs.

A excerpt: “Like she’s never soared before, from rocky coast to golden shore, let the mighty eagle soar” writes Ashcroft, in a song called, brilliantly and unexpectedly, “Let the Eagle Soar.”

Not only that, Ashcroft has himself anointed with oil every time he is appointed to political office, “in the manner of King David.”

Holy crap! This guy runs the goddamn Department of Justice and he had Clarence Thomas anoint him with oil upon his appointment.

Um, yeah, okay I trust him to protect my legal rights. Whenever he’s neither outright insane or basing his legal decisions upon the legal precedent of WWJD. Which is never.