How positively cordial

Maybe I'm just feeling particularly snarky this afternoon. It's rainy here, and I like that, but I also have 60 papers to grade, and I don't much care for that. So, here goes, on the subject of this AP report: "Bush says he is ready to work with Arnold":

bq. The president said he hadn't "been paying that close attention to it, because I got a job to do here in Washington."

Have we sufficiently established that the President is a nincompoop, such that he can stop saying "I got a job to do?" The more I talk about doing my dissertation, the less I actually do. It's I have a job to do, and the jackass should be doing it instead of reminding us all about it.

bq. But Bush's comments also suggested he had taken a keen interest in the race. More than 2 million people had voted by absentee ballot, a result Bush called "a pretty active turnout." Schwarzenegger, Bush said, has "waged a spirited campaign. He's captured a lot of people's imagination."

Okay, if by "spirited" you mean lacking discernible content, the kind of campaign that attracts people who like to "physically assault their opponent": and "yell obscenities": at random passers-by. And I suppose he's correct if by "captured a lot of people's attention" he's referring to inspiring new ways to sexually harass women without leaving a mark.

bq. The White House has kept its distance from the election in the nation's most populous state. Some advisers said they did not want to create the impression that the recall election was engineered or fueled by the White House.

Wouldn't want the "slime and defend": White House to appear partisan.