I have no puns left

Believe it or not, I just spent five minutes trying to think of a pun having to do with John Lott, whose already strange saga just keeps getting weirder. Lott seems to be increasingly incapable of even tracking his own correspondence. (By the way, Tim Lambert is doing a remarkable job of organizing all this discourse about Lott; perhaps Lott could keep his stories and identities straight by referencing Lambert's site before saying anything else in public.)

Anyway, I think the good puns have all been taken. And it just feels cheap to use the easy ones about Lotts of trouble, un-wieldy evidence, or a Rosh to judgement. I suppose I should survey the field a bit more. No sense in going off half-cocked.

Whew. I suppose I need to get a grip.

A pun about sample weights would be nice. It will probably hit me at about 3 AM. I'll bolt upright in bed saying something about ammunition and oversampling.