I went to a good college

Heather and I went to a fine college, a real gem of a liberal arts school nestled in a little back-of-beyond place called Walla Walla, in the hilly wheatfields of eastern Washington. Here at another, different kind of institution, I miss that little place, where undergraduates were the priority and the reason for being, and it was expected that faculty would expect the world from their students.

We went to a little alumni get-together here in Tucson last night, at the winter home of some alumni way up in the foothills (Side bar: Expen$ive digs) .The college president and his wife were the guests of honor, and they spent a few minutes updating the crowd about current happenings at the school. It was great to reconnect with that community for a couple of hours—and I can only hope to eventually finish my schoolin’ and go back to a place like that one of these years.