If typography could kill

Talking Points Memo gets spam from Cheney, and I end up gawking at, the “Official Re-election site.” Funny, I thought was the official re-election site. One thing for sure, the official re-election site isn’t the Department of Labor’s jobless numbers page.

Now, I’m hardly snarky when it comes to design. A typeface geek I am not, but the front page of just looks like somebody went absolutely nuts with WordArt. Take a look at the screenshot I took. See the center text? The “In all these days…” quote? There are four type sizes, in two sentences! Combined with the all-over-the-place positioning of the lines, it makes for rather hazardous reading. The whole page seems just shy of using BLINK tags and an animated .GIF of a rotating mailbox. Yikes.

In another typeface, the page also says, “welcome to the temporary” However, I think that probably doesn’t mean what I would like it to mean.