Intellectual something-or-other

Kevin drum takes on D-squared’s haiku indictment with a bad haiku of his own. I think I’ll try the limerick route:

Someone named D-squared at blogspot
Said “Hey, English Haiku’s just brain rot!
It’s cheap liberal arts,
So don’t even start.
‘Cause undergrad haikus are worth naught.”

Attempt number two:

Is a Haiku a poem for thinkers?
D-squared asserts they’re all stinkers.
But I think just maybe
It’s really a play, see,
To generate more weblog linkers.

In the middle of a particularly long day of cleaning protest data, I once re-framed into Haiku a bit of a Times report on a New York City draft protest:

“Hey, we’re not pyros.
You won’t get peace by burning!”
He ate his draft card.

Why yes, I do have a day job, thank you.