internal division

Okay, just one more comment for today (busy news days and all). In the spirit of the Bush administration's latest attempts at gestalt policymaking, I'm posting this entry in the style of random, disorganized thoughts, all on the subject of Bush's often-repeated plans to make up his own mind about invading Iraq and regime changing Saddam Hussein.

Powell argues against invasion, saying we should return inspectors.

In press conferences, Ari Fleischer pumps up the difficulty of the decision, making bush look deliberative and patient. He also suggests that the press has just made up the idea of a military invasion, saying, saying that the President has not decided, nor ever even hinted, at a military operation. [Does anybody really believe that Bush hasn't made the decision already, and is waiting for the political waters -- or the November election -- before making his move?]

Rumsfeld says that Bush is in charge, and no matter what he, Cheney, or Powell says, what's important is what Bush decides. He admonishes reporters for then even asking him what he thinks. I say, "good for him." It's about time he made it clear that we shouldn't be concerned with what he's thinking.

Meanwhile, Cheney is beating the war drum, apparently completely outside the White House's radar, despite the fact that the made the same speech at least twice last week.

We're supposed to trust these guys?

Okay, I'm sorry, that was altogether too organized to be representative of the latest set of statements coming from the White House. I'll try harder tomorrow.