Just read the cuecards, Sir

Very Very Happy has a shorter, better transcript of tonight's rare press conference:

Reporter: What do you see the aftermath of the war being like?

Bush: We are confident that after we attack a sovereign middle eastern Islamic nation that citizens throughout the Muslim world will pour out into the streets in spontaneous demonstrations of love for us and our people and will peacefully proceed to form secular democratic states.

Reporters: [tame, gutless questions]

Bush: [Blah blah, repeating things you've heard over and over again] And Saddam is a terrorist.

Bush didn't deviate from his scripted talking points the entire time. Someone could have suggested that space aliens were, right at that moment, eating Bush's brain, and the response would have been, "If Saddam chooses, we will go disarm him."

On that note, isn't it somehow disempowering to keep suggesting that, after all, the U.S. isn't making a freakin' decision about this whole matter, that the choice really rests with Saddam? Why did Bush keep repeating that mantra? Aside from being disingenuous on its face (that is, we really do have a choice here; Bush's hand is not being forced), it makes Bush looks really weak, especially when coupled with so many non-answers to every other question.