Listen to it again

Via Road to Surfdom comes today’s entry in the “Still Unclear on the Concept Parade.” Today’s theme: Imagination.

TODAY MARKS the 23rd anniversary of John Lennon’s murder by a deranged fan, an act that at once revivified the ex-Beatle’s career and established his 1971 song “Imagine” as the official utopian anthem. For millions of people around the world, the song’s three minutes of bumper-sticker slogans describe the best of all possible worlds.

But before the faithful gather in memoriam to light candles and sing “Imagine” together, as they always do on the anniversary, a few of them might want to stop and consider that the lyrics are hardly a recipe for universal bliss. Chaos may be closer to the truth.

Hunh. Joel Engel is mad because John Lennon’s utopian anthem isn’t realistic enough.

Next he’ll be telling us—with grim seriousness—that Santa couldn’t possibly visit all those houses in just one night. Why, the reindeer, the reindeer would be positively vaporized by the speed!