Little dogs need training, too

Aaah, late afternoon. The time my neighbor comes home carrying her tiny, ugly chihuahua. The dog promptly barks at everything that moves, or might move, until dark. Rest assured, it gets an early start the next morning.

Tiny-ugly dog's behavior is a cause of some concern for my two dogs, who seem to think that, when tiny-ugly barks, there is a matter needing their attention. This concern manifests itself in whining and pacing, and occasionally digging under the fence. So, because tiny-ugly's owner seems to have no regard for the neighbors (like me), my own dogs get to spend lots of time inside when tiny-ugly is out. Which is a lot.

Memo to dog owners: Little dogs that bark all the time are not cute. They are not "precious." They are a nuisance, just like big dogs that bark all the time.

Heather's out of town, making Arizona Safe for Fire Science. Maybe I'm just a little grumpier than normal.