Meanwhile ...

... Back at Planet Pentagon, Don Rumsfeld says about looting in Baghdad, "stuff happens."

Boy, I can't tell you how much better that makes me feel. For a while I thought our guys in D.C. were sort of shooting from the hip. But knowing that *stuff happens* reassures me that everything is under control.

In audio excerpts from the same press conference, Rumsfeld is practically shrieking about how he's utterly aghast -- aghast! -- at media portrayals of the current situation in Baghdad (he invokes the well-known Henny Penny meme^1^, in fact). Well, at least media exaggeration works in his favor sometimes, too.

Another excerpt from CNN's coverage:

bq. Asked about weapons of mass destruction -- which the United States, Britain and other nations accused Saddam of harboring and developing -- Rumsfeld said he did not expect coalition forces to find the actual weapons on their own.

bq. "We are not going to find them in my view -- just as I never believed the inspectors would -- by running around seeing if they can open a door and surprise somebody and find something," Rumsfeld said, adding that the focus was on "finding the people" who could help in that effort.

The administration certainly projected initial expectations that when they finally pulled down the statues of Saddam, giant caches full of Sarin would be revealed underneath them. Now I guess we need to find the right people before we find the WMDs. I do appreciate how Rumsfeld manages to backpedal from previous expectations while getting some digs in against the U.N. _at the same time_.

^1^ Okay, I made up the Henny Penny meme, but I think it's got legs.