Memo to motorists

Let's do a quick word problem:

You are driving the Acura your parents bought you, and you are about to exit the parking lot of your condominium building. You are stopped in the driveway.

To your left, a cyclist approaches, moving 15 miles per hour downhill. He is 30 feet away.

Although your Acura is cute, the darn stick shift has always given you a little trouble. You are able to accellerate at a rate of 7 feet per second, but starting from a stop takes you three seconds. The Alpha Chi Omega sticker on the rear windshield adds negligible mass to the vehicle.

Part 1 (Five points): How soon will the cyclist reach your location?

Part 2 (Five points): How long will it take you to completely exit the driveway, turn left, and clear the oncoming lane of traffic?

Part 3 (Ninety points): If the cyclist can come to a complete stop in 2.5 seconds, in how much time should he expect to slam his brakes, curse, and flip you off?

Bonus (Five points extra credit): If you refuse to look the cyclist in the eyes, is he there at all?

Pencils down.