Miscellaneous week

Spring break is great. The weather has been ideal: The kind of week that could really make me fall in love with Arizona, if I could put out of my mind anticipation of the coming oppressive summer heat. I’ve been spending less time at the computer lately, taking a good break after sitting here for three months studying for the prelim.

I’ve spent a couple of days at work, but have mostly puttered around the house. We bought some big planters to finally get our garden started. So far, it’s dogs 1, us 0. Rainy and Uinta have torn out and dug up everything we’ve planted: tomatoes, oregano, sage, and anaheim peppers. So we’re taking it slowly, and we won’t replant until they get used to the planters and leave them alone. In the meantime, we’ve done other miscellaneous work in the yard, like finishing spreading the gravel and cleaning out our little fountain.

They say that the web is getting more useful; that is, people are spending less time online but doing more productive things: Paying bills, making reservations, etc. Does that really mean it’s more useful?