As John notes, summer seems to be wrapping up here in Tucson. Nights are a little cooler—relatively speaking—and the sun is tracking southward again. It’s dark noticeably earlier than just a couple of weeks ago. But the monsoon still have just a bit of life left in it, and it gave us a nice little rainstorm this afternoon. I hope the storm reached my uncle, who recently moved from San Jose, CA, to the far northwest side of town, and has been waiting for a good rain.

Observant readers (well, me) will notice that weblog activity is highly correlated with Heather’s out-of-town work. Indeed, it’s true: Her job has again taken her to the far corners of the state to explore grasslands and evaluate fire policy. As a result, I am left at my desk to keep an eye on the dogs and hold down the fort. This will continue every other week for the rest of the month, and probably into October. I’m usually only good until about late Wednesday or Thursday, at which point I’m all caught up with my work (aside from this pressing dissertation that people keep telling me to write) and have read Pandagon thoroughly. At that point, I’m pretty ready to not be all by myself at home anymore. It will be a long handful of weeks.

But she’s doing good work (for which I’m enormously proud of her), and I’m doing, well, work, and life keeps moving right along here in the desert. So, so far, so good.