More on wilderness medicine

This is really for my own future reference, but maybe it will be useful to others, as well.

[Update: Finding Wilderness & Environmental Medicine online is especially cool. Just browsing the titles of articles is a treat: Titles include "Bison goring injuries: penetrating and blunt trauma" and "Evaluation of Diagnostic Criteria and Incidence of Acute Mountain Sickness in Preverbal Children." The journal is a mix of very practical research, such as the effectiveness of bivy bags in cold and windy environments; fancy-sounding medical studies, involving such things as pulmonary edema, decompression sickness, and tick-caused paralysis; and interesting articles with a distinctly social tinge to them: Effects of trekking on remote medical facilities, and a strong emphasis on the community that surrounds wilderness medicine. Cool stuff. All online, and all for free. Right on.]