MT 2.0

If Movabletype is like the nimble sea-blue sportscar that goes from zero to sixty in five seconds, corners like it's on rails, has room for all your friends in the back seat, and fits a 200-piece toolbox in the trunk, I am like the old woman who uses it to drive to twice-weekly hair appointments and never changes the radio station.

Movabletype 2.0 has been released, and all the cool kids are touting its wonders. Okay, I agree: it's wonderful. It's way cool and bang-up easy to install; the upgrade took me exactly two minutes, from wget to mt-upgradel.cgi. It looks snazzy, has a sweet new image upload tool, and does just about everything I could possibly want. One day I will exploit its power for the good of all.

In the meantime, old lady that I am, I'm nice and happy that it gets me from place to place.