MT upgrade

Uneven floors today, as I've just upgraded from MT 2.21 to 2.51, like the rest of the blog kids. It looks at this point like everything is working fine! I'm always a little nervous that an upgrade will break something, but it hasn't so far [with one possible exception]. Well done.

I've been tinkering with the RSS/syndication support of Movable Type -- something I've never explored before. It's really quite cool. After poking around the web for a while, I found a nice bit of PHP code with which I can syndicate from, for example, my University of Arizona web page. Pretty slick. A little more customization on the MT end, and I can have my UA page syndicate only recent entries from my Sociology category here at This kind of connectedness is pretty cool. Makes me interested in doing a bit of a renovation at my university page. (Sure, sure, in all that spare time.)