Nagging guilt

Last week was the spring pledge drive for both of my NPR stations. Because both stations were fundraising, I was unable to employ my standard trick of flipping the tuner to the other station for the duration of the fund drive. Damn. Nagging guilt.

I also read regularly, and I have yet to become a Premium Member. More nagging guilt, combined with just a little bitterness that I can't read most of their news coverage.

Today Salon is running two great pieces, neither of which I had to pay to read. First is Heather Havrilesky's Wedding Porn, about the oddly de-sexualized and impersonal genre of pseudo-reality TV and fiction about spouse-seeking. Havrilesky is more sympathetic to the characters in The Bachelor than I can be; my wife and I sit around and wonder who should be more embarrassed: The women who want this jerk to "pick me", the jerk who crassly evaluates the pros and cons of each woman with the TV audience, or the producers who fostered this horrid abuse of human feeling.

[While I'm talking about reality TV, I should mention that The Amazing Race really is cool. Seriously.]

Also on Salon today is a little Dubya satire, a mocked-up speech about the President's staunch American mundanity.