Never before

Never before have I felt so alienated from and by my own government.

After unleashing shock and awe, President Bush is spending the weekend at Camp David.

The same man speaks of appreciating the sacrifice of the armed forces who participate in this war. I do not believe he understands the first thing about sacrifice, be it physical or economic.

The Press Secretary and Secretary of Defense demean the reporters who ask them questions. Ari Fleischer shamelessly refers to Sept. 11 as having been perpetrated by "weapons of mass distruction" that we seek in Iraq. They continue to mislead the public about the "Coalition of the Willing":

Republican senators and congressional representatives call for an end to dissent; they could not be troubled to do so themselves during the previous adminstration. They launch spiteful and childish attacks on protesters, critics, and international allies who refuse to endorse war.

Military advisers sit or sat on the boards of companies poised to grab billion-dollar contracts to rebuild Iraq, and they claim to have no conflict of interest when they advocate war.

I am ashamed and furious to be represented by people like this.