I thought I’d make a few observations about the tax cut, but the only coherent thought I can come up with is “fucked fucked fucked.” Kevin Drum has had a series of discussions that basically say the same thing, but in words more acceptable for one’s extended family. What underscores the ridiculousness of the tax cut is the fact that plenty of low-income families will receive zero increase in their child tax credit. The working poor who constitute 19% of the U.S. population were essentially excluded from elegibility for the popular tax-cut talking point in order to save 1% of the tax bill’s cost, or $3.5 billion dollars. The cut in the dividend tax rate does those people not a damn bit of good. This is hollow and incompetent fiscal policy at its very worst. Slacktivist refers today to a Harper’s piece that says the tax cuts read like a “poorly written and, well, evil book.”

I painted my living room last weekend, to the tune of around $300 in material from my local big box hardware store. Because Heather and I itemize our deductions like good consuming homeowners, we gain nothing from the tax plan’s removal of the “marriage penalty.” That’s good. I imagine the middle class doesn’t have too many married homeowners who would benefit from such a cut.

“Class warfare” gets invoked whenever people suggest that these tax cuts are unfair. Well shit. Bush’s personal tax windfall is nearly $27,000! The cuts are unfair. RubberNun asks, where is the outrage. I say, let’s have some class warfare, and pronto!

I’ll make some unrelated observations. A strong thunderstorm just blew through town. In May? We’re slated to be hot and dry until July, at which point we’re slated to be hot and humid until late August. Crazy.

Also, a flyer seen on the sidewalk on the way to my office from class today: “Career opportunities in criminal justice are limitless!” I guess I’m not quite prepared to concede that that’s a positive development.