One-horse open sleigh

We’re spending the holiday with my family and Heather’s family, dividing our time between Colorado and Utah. After yesterday’s fifteen hour drive (southern Utah in the winter, by the way, is gorgeous; something about snow-laden redrock just does it for me), the final hour of which was through blinding, heavy snow, we reached this northern Utah hamlet. My folks moved here just a handful of months ago, so this is my first visit. After yesterday’s storm, it’s a small winter wonderland up here. The dogs love it, and I’m very happy to have come north for the winter.

But wow, is dialup internet ever slow. The location isn’t even particularly rural—a little out of the way, but not remote by any means—but the dialup speed seems to peak around 26.4Kbps. Yow. The main page at” takes over a minute to load. The digital divide isn’t just about economics, but infrastructure, and there are lots of locations just like this one where making effective use of online resources is really difficult, not because people can’t afford it, but because there simply isn’t the service.

Of course, I knew that already, but hadn’t experienced it for a little while, so I’m really acknowledging now that broadband has spoiled me rotten.