Periodic observations

A few observations and notes about various things:

  1. I think I’m close to an understanding: Consumption of nachos (N) and beer (B) seems to increase dramatically with distance from wife (W). That is, W—> N, and W—> B. It’s not that Heather stops me from eating nachos and drinking beer, but there’s awfully little incentive to chop vegetables and make ice cubes when one is all by one’s lonesome.
  2. Heather has a great job that, unfortunately, has taken her away from home a lot lately. This week, it’s field work in northern Arizona. I’m doing what I can to fill the time by taking care of the dogs, finishing up preparations for teaching medical sociology next week, and getting some work done on various papers and other projects.
  3. First day of 90+ degree temps here in Tucson. I guess spring had to end, but I’m sorry to see it go. On the plus side, our tomatoes are growing nicely in the warm weather. The Master Cool is in full effect.
  4. How does the Olive Garden get away with these ridiculous advertisements?
  5. Traveling last week, I got a chance to read William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition. Capsule review: Although the ending is a little too neat (and abrupt), the book is an enjoyable and frequently thought-provoking read. It’s fun to read Gibson’s take on a non-cyber-dystopian world.

In other news, I’m now officially accepting dissertation proposals.