prelim: complete!

I have taken the prelim.

“Prelim” is short for preliminary exam. My department requires that all students take two such exams, on theoretical or methodological topics of their choice (today was organizations for me). They come in the form of eight-hour exams, during which you answer four out of six extended essays. It’s a pretty big deal, and I’ve been studying, roughly, since September, with a couple of unexpectedly long breaks (such as when buying and moving, into a house). I’m feeling quite happy and glad to be finished. Now it’s spring break, and that means finally taking a break and catching up on stuff I really want to do. I have some work to get current on, but I also plan to do some stuff around the house. I may even move beyond this default movable type template. But let’s not get too ambitious. After all, it’s almost time for bed and I’ve had enough celebratory beers that it’s taken an inordinate amount of time to type this post.

So I’ll start tomorrow.