Reading about fire

Matt Singer has a nice "post over at Not Geniuses": in which he suggests that when it comes to understanding, living in, and appreciating the unique features of the West, maybe ranchers and environmentalists have something in common after all. That's just the kind of current that tends to run through "High Country News":, a newspaper "for people who care about the American West."

Although HCN's "Fire in the West": special report is only available to subscribers, numerous "fire-related articles": are available online for free. For a detailed look at some of the issues -- political, social, and scientific -- about fire (and, for that matter, about just about any issue involving the rapidly-changing West), give HCN a look.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should note that I was an "intern": at the paper way back in the day (in fact, I was the paper's very first "web intern," back when they were just devising a strategy for putting their content online; I did little writing, too). I got to spend my summer in a little cabin at the base of the mountains, did a lot of rock climbing, and got to know a great bunch of people and a wonderful part of the country.