After much grousing, I have finally implemented a tiny, little, quickie redesign to this page. Okay, to call it a "redesign" is probably too ambitious. I just added a banner graphic (photo of Heather and me at Hell Roaring lake in the Sawtooths, June 2001, our honeymoon) and changed a few words, baby steps-style. Besides, I was tired of being startled by movabletype pages that looked just like mine: "Hey, this is my web page, but I didn't write that!" sort of experiences. Yow, it's been a long time since I did any web work. I feel rather rusty, especially fiddling around with style sheets. Fortunately, as this was just a tiny, little, quickie redesign, I didn't have to get too far into the man pages. I don't think I did anything significant enough to break anybody's browser experience, but if you notice problems, please let me know.