I see that the EPA has decided that regulating carbon dioxide falls outside of its mandate. I have a tiny quibble with language:

The decision, which reverses a 1998 Clinton administration position, means the Bush administration won’t be able to use the Clean Air Act to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions from cars.

”... won’t be able to”? As if Bush and Cheney were pursing their lips and grimacing with feverish hope that they’d be allowed to pursue CO2 emissions? As if their buddies at the Chamber of Commerce, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, and the Competetive Enterprise Institute will be disappointed that Bush “won’t be able” to do something? Right, those Washington insiders at EPA really struck a blow to Bush’s agenda there. Heck, it was only a campaign promise, after all.

“Why would you regulate a pollutant that is an inert gas that is vital to plant photosynthesis and that people exhale when they breathe?” said Eron Shosteck, a spokesman for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, a Washington-based car industry lobby. “That’s not a pollutant.”

I like that quote a great deal. In the same vein, look for Shosteck to say next week, “Following up on my previous statement, we don’t think anything should be regulated. After all, fossil fuels are simply the byproduct of old dinosaur bones, and you know, energy is never destroyed, it just changes forms, so when you burn oil it’s really just moving dinosaurs around, and who would want to regulate a bunch of dumb dinosaurs, anyway? That’s not a pollutant.”