road to nowhere

John has a great comment on the election this morning. He beat me to the Mayor-mocking! Tucson's Mayor Bob Walkup (insert joke such as "Walk-up?! Why does he want new roads?" here) is shocked, just shocked, that in his words, "The citizens have said the traffic problem is not that bad." It's a stunning demonstration of incompetent politicking on Walkup's part, and demonstrates how black-and-white the pro-prop100/400 campaign portrayed the issues: For the mayor to suggest that a NO vote on the propositions indicates that voters think everything is hunky-dory, transportation-wise, is simply foolish. Hey Bob, voters didn't like the plan you came up with, they were offended by the city's waste of close to a million dollars campaigning for it, and they don't want auto dealers and land developers dictating city policy. That doesn't mean we don't perceive a traffic problem. Get it?

The defeat of the propositions is a real victory for the grass-roots opposition campaign, headed by what the proponents snidely called CAVE people, for Citizens Against Virtually Everything. Outspent a hundred to one, they mobilized twice as many voters as the slick pro-propositions advertising campaign, and many thousands of voters more than expected came out to vote. Walkup now suggests that there may not be time to get a different proposal on the ballot for November, because the city will have to regroup and think hard about what the people want. Seems like the city maybe should have done that earlier, before it wasted so much time and money to put a brain-dead proposal through a special election.