Busy week here at Schussman central, where I've been teaching SOC 422, Complex Organizations, for three hours a day as part of my commitment to the beast that is Winter Session. More on that later.

For now, I'm just interested in directing you to Matthew Yglesias, whose site I have encountered occasionally, but have never really read. Since Kieran's recent nomination to the Liberal Elite Media Cabal, however, I've been watching the inter-blog discussions in a bit more detail, and eventually ended up at Matthew's site.

The first entry won me over right away. Matthew says,

"There's no real reason to think that skill in treating patients (what doctors do) would confer skill in designing public health policy (what Senators do). But the media seems to be eating this shit up."
Every time I hear someone opine that, because Frist is a doctor, he's in a better position to "get something done about health care," I want to break something valuable. There really is no earthly reason to think that a wealthy transplant surgeon knows the slightest bit about just how hard it is to obtain -- much less pay for -- good health insurance (just for example). To assume that resolving such an issue would somehow be a high priority for Frist is equally absurd. And, at the risk of rhetorically piling on, the final absurdity is the notion that someone like Frist would actually take a hard line with HMOs and the insurance industry.

Yglasias also comments on the state of local TV news, a subject about which I have blogged, aghast.

Okay, back to work. Who decided that the first week of the semester was a good time for conference paper submissions to be due?