Rumsfeld sees the future, and it's still nasty

Part of a graduation speech delivered by Donald Rumsfeld today:

bq. "One day the war on terror will end -- not soon, but it will end," he said. "And you will face still more challenging tasks, possibly a world with double the number of nuclear nations, and many of those new nuclear states (will be) terrorist nations."

So. When the war on terror ends, the war on nuclear terror begins? This explains our pissing off of North Korea and failing to guard all those nuclear sites in Iraq. We'll just deal with the nuclear stuff later. Sure, sure; wouldn't want these guys to have too much on their plates at once.

I'm obviously making a flip response to an absurd statement. On one hand is the suggestion that proliferation of nukes to still more terrorist nations is inevitable. Isn't exactly what all this "getting your war on": business is all about? Then, on the other hand, there's the fact that Rumsfeld got up and said something this ridiculous, this nonsensical on its face. Did he write it on a napkin on the way over? I mean, "freaking out at a press conference": is one thing, but he got to write this whole speech ahead of time.