Sat am

Cool summer mornings just might be one reason the world was invented.

Just when I thought that the oppressively hot Tucson summer was about to descend on me, we have been touched by a cold front. As a result, we pulled up the covers and slept in the cool air last night, and I woke up to a 55 degree crystal clear sky carrying a tiny hint of humidity. I took an early morning trip to school to finish some work.

Walking on campus, just a little chilled, I thought back to camp, when the only part of the day that was really mine was first thing in the morning. I would pull on a warm hat, walk around the cold, damp campsite, make tea, and sit quietly as my co-leader and campers gradually woke up. The rest of the day was hiking, climbing, safety instruction -- things I enjoyed tremendously, but that were nonetheless wearing.

Morning always turns into midday, the real/rest of the world narrowing the ambition and openness of the morning. But for just a little while, on particularl mornings, the whole world could be mine.