Save them ... for later, with tartar sauce

I was all set to rant about Bush's environmental record, his rank hypocrisy, and so forth. But my fire has been doused by the, I suppose, unintentional comedy in "this AP story": of the president's Summer Environment Tour:

bq. Before heading to the forest, Bush stopped at the University of Portland to raise more than $1 million for his re-election campaign at a $2,000-a-ticket luncheon of grilled salmon salad.

[Snipped: Blah, blah, rank hypocrisy from Scott McClelland about how the environment shouldn't be politicized]

bq. Gore won Washington with 50.2 percent of the vote, compared with Bush's 44.6 percent. Bush's schedule on Friday includes another fund-raiser and a speech on saving salmon in Washington.

See here, if you save them for a while, they get nice big fillets, the kind that fetch $2,000 per plate.