Still insulting

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld talked with Jim Lehrer last night on the Newshour, and had this to say to Lehrer’s question of sending more troops to Iraq. For best effect, imagine his voice getting higher and higher as he speaks, as if he can barely believe the question has been asked:

DONALD RUMSFELD: If you have 130,000 U.S. troops there now and 55,000 Iraqis and another 22,000 international troops, doing what they’re doing and you’re only getting ten or twelve or fifteen incidents a day that last two or three minutes, what would the 300,000 do? What would they do? Now, it’s an interesting thing. I’ve heard people who feel very strongly on this. And I listen carefully to what they say….

Goodness gracious, what would all those people do over there? Although Rumsfeld cannot ask these people, perhaps he might ask some others.

Despite his patronizing presentation, Rumsfeld looked to be rather knocked back on his heels by Lehrer. and stammered his way into contraditions such as “the generals don’t want more troops … okay, they want more troops, but it’s not what you think!” Lehrer, for his part, looked ready to slap Rumsfeld around, but he remained civil and generally gave Rumsfeld just enough latitude to really make a fool of himself. Over at DKos, RonK has more.