Sun's up, I'm up

I know I got up too early in the morning when it's 7:30 and I've heard the entire two-hour Morning Edition cycle.

Prelim is on Friday, and I'm counting down. I have a stack of notes to get through and some last-minute pieces to read, but I'm feeling all right. (Note, that's not The Shining style "feelin' fine," but more of The Shinnin' style "all prelim and no beer make Alan something something" version of feeling all right.)

Interesting news via Mandrakeforum: JMP statistical software is coming to Linux. I've recently begun to climb the steep learning curve that is R, but further commercial stats packages for Linux are welcome to the party, in my opinion (Stata is already available for Linux, and it's very good. If you're a student or other academic type, you can get it as a screaming good price -- well, not quite free, but relatively inexpensive nonetheless).