Tattoo you

The Salt Lake Tribune this morning has a story on Brigham Young University’s practice of altering photos of students in order to hide tattoos and bare midriffs—displays of which are minor, but real, violations of the school’s honor code. The photoshop skills of the folks at the print desk aside, the practice of obscuring tattoos does seem a little, er, pointless, as one journalist in the story comments:

Adds Tompkins: Why do it? “Aren’t you going to see the tattoos when the athletes are on the field? Eventually, reality will show itself.”

So there’s probably some legitimate debate about the policy itself. But that’s not really my concern this morning. Rather, I’m wondering how the following awful paragraph got past the editor:

Tattoos might be fine for author Ray Bradbury’s “Illustrated Man” but not at BYU, where they violate the LDS Church-owned school’s dress-and-grooming standards. Naval engagements are fine for midshipmen at Annapolis, but bare navels are neither engaging nor encouraged at buttoned-down BYU.

Yow. Now that must be breaking some kind of honor code.